About Dreigiau

~I’ve always been guilty for following the whims of my heart…~

I knew I was totally insane for signing up with that National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project the first of November, 2002. I had heard about it over and over from fellow Dragons that were going to take on the challenge. And all through October I told myself, “No way! You can hardly force out a decent post for the Darkstar RPG… much less try to finish 50,000 words in one month!”

Whatever the strange muse that caught me… November 1st saw me entering my name into the pot. Having done that, my original idea was to push myself to work on getting writing done for “Coming of the Darkstar”, one of the sequels to this very story. But then I saw one of their rules stated that you were supposed to come to the project with a clean slate… you were not to touch on a project already in the works.

“Awww… great!” I said. “Now what to I write about?”

It didn’t take me very long to make up my mind. “Dreigiau” has been one of those projects that has been stewing in my mind for the past year or so. I think it was probably December of 2001 when I decided I seriously wanted to write Zemi’s story. The only thing was, I didn’t know where to start or where to end. In a lot of ways, I still don’t.

Zemi was originally created as the eldest member of the Trine for my fanfiction “Coming of the Darkstar”. His first concept designs were not unlike he is today – a master of creatures, especially dragons… an energetic, outgoing, happy-go-lucky jokester… and a fierce and powerful force to be reckoned with.

The first drafts of Darkstar saw him fall to his death in battle with the Dark Sygnus, Luccious. The later drafts found him plotting out a staged “death” during this battle. Wayrift, the sequel to Darkstar deals with his revival.

When and how did this sudden, out-of-the blue figment capture my mind insomuch as I had to give him his own prequel? I had always liked his initial concept… the fact that he was a creature of such high regard but a prankster at the same time. It wasn’t until the January 2001 Darkstar revision 1.3 that Zemi officially became the father of KluYa. And it was in that aspect that his character began to grow on me.

I think it was early August 2001 the first time Zemi haphazardly stepped foot into the world of Wayrift. I was never one to really RP more than one figment at a time… but something about Zemi’s character and his growing relation with others kept him returning. He found his way into the Darkstar Mailinglist RPG late that fall and then again early May 2002. He began popping up (wanted or not) at freeform RPs.

I knew from then on I was doomed.

Zemi had quickly gone from a little thought of background character to one of my deeply loved main figments. I can’t pinpoint what it is about him that makes me love to play him so much… other than the fact that he is exactly the opposite of who I am in just about every way. It’s great to be able to cut loose in my writing with such a wacked-out character.

So it was little surprise that for NaNoWriMo the story that would come to my mind would be his. The characters that surround him – AsaHi, SoYa, TsuYa, ZenToYa, SaRaYa… and any other that I have yet to meet – were created on the fly along the way. They, too, have grown surprisingly on me in such a short time.

Things have begun to happen as I would have never believed. I’m just curious to see where they will end up…


PS—This one’s for you, Rach!