Dreigiau Delay

celticdragon2So, I planned to have a brand new chapter up today, but that didn’t happen. The funny thing was, it wasn’t because of art this time – I actually have the chapter art completed! It was a mixture of editing and health issues.

I’ve been in a situation where I’ve struggled with a headache that ranged from low-grade to migraine pretty much all week long. I came into work yesterday and I knew I couldn’t sit here and just endure one more day. So I went in to our on-site nurse, and she let me know pretty quickly that my blood pressure was much higher than it should be.  So, I ended up getting a prescription to take care of that, and getting set up with a primary care giver. I’m feeling better today, and it’s nothing to worry about.

Upcoming Editing

In the meantime, though, the headache pain was just enough to keep me from being any sort of creative. I did sit down with the next chapter to edit it, and I felt that some of it was more stiff than I’d like it to be. So my goal was to pull up the original AsaHi chapter and see what I could mesh together of the new and the old — I have a hunch it’ll make for good writing if I can bring the two ideas into equilibrium.

That’s gonna take some time, and more creative juice than I’ve had this week, so I didn’t get it ready.

More Feedback

I’ve also gotten a bit more feedback from different sources about the Introduction. In general, I’m hearing an agreement that while this new Intro is interesting, it may be revealing a little too much too soon, and would better fit later in the story, once Arweinydd are more defined.

I talked with Syn some about my concerns of introducing Zento in an Intro when he won’t follow up at all in Book 1. She doesn’t feel it’s a problem as she sees the young Zento story as more of a foundation to the first steps of how Nefol came to be.

I suppose if I approach it from that direction, I could write something that would work. This is going to require me to write another chapter I didn’t expect, and probably go back and mesh it with the original to see if there are bits and pieces I still want to keep. We’ll see what kind of time I have to work on this, but I’m hoping to get this moving for next week.

Thanks so much for your patience and feedback! I’m looking forward to hearing more from you on your thoughts.